About AJ Sales

Leading The Industry

AJ Sales has been the leading manufacturers sales representation in Southern Nevada since 1998.

Our long-standing business relationships reflect our ability to communicate trends in the hospitality industry.

The mission of AJ Sales is to establish an alliance between the manufacturer and the end-user of the products.

Glen Turner

Glen Turner is the principal operator of AJ Sales, LTD., a manufacturer’s representative company specializing in the hospitality industry.

Twenty-five years in the food and beverage industry has led Glen to develop a passion for supporting clients in the procurement of high-quality and trend-setting products.

In addition to being one of Southern Nevada’s leading manufacturer’s representatives, he is an avid outdoorsman.

Glen enjoys sharing his love of nature with his friends and family. Grateful for the opportunity to live and work in Las Vegas, Glen makes sure that his clients are treated with the utmost appreciation and veracity.

Zac Long

Zac Long, an associate of A.J. Sales, is a manufactures representative specializing in the hospitality industry.

As a native Las Vegas resident with 20 years of former Executive Chef experience on and off the strip, he has developed a passion for taking care of the customer and assisting clients in the procurement of high quality hospitality products.

In addition to being apart of one of the leading manufacture representative groups in Southern Nevada, Zac enjoys the open road on his motorcycle and spending time with family and friends. He is always striving to do the best for his community and supportive of businesses in Southern Nevada. He will ensure that his customer’s satisfaction is always top priority.

Who We Are

Founded in 1998, AJ Sales Ltd. provides superior representation for the finest European and U.S. manufacturers in the food service industry.

Our team has genuine roots in the Hospitality Industry with over 50 years’ operations and sales experience yet nimble enough to navigate in the ever-changing foodservice landscape, our team has a higher purpose going above and beyond for our clients.

Our mission of connecting people with the very best solutions and our goal is to represent manufacturers with the highest level of professionalism, exceeding the expectation of service beyond the sale.

Let’s talk Supplies

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